loose leaf tea

Loose Leaf Tea – Pot for 2


Loose Tea

Introducing our new range of loose tea – stay a while, relax and be kind to yourself as these teas are best enjoyed after brewing for 3-5 minutes.  All served in pretty china teapots.


Pot of Tea (2 cups) $7.00

Fruit Tea –  Fresh Flavours from real fruit – the perfect pick-me-up!


Strawberry & Cream – Contains elderberry which is said to aid the immune system.


Raspberry & Lime – With zesty lime to refresh the mind and soul

Green Tea – Low in caffeine and rich in anti-oxidants – perfect for any time of day!


Baked Apple Sencha – A real green “wonder” tea.  Infused with apple, this combination produces a sweet and sour melody of delight!


Jasmine – A blend of green tea with sweet smelling jasmine


Black Tea – Strong and robust, black tea contains a higher caffeine content


Chai Tea – Especially good when paired with milk and honey, this Indian classic will ignite the senses!


Mango Tea – A tropical taste sensation, high in anti-oxidants and promoting healthy circulation with the addition of vitamins A & B from mango pieces


Rose and Jasmine – A delicate blend of rose, orange and jasmine blossom, this tea is high in antioxidants and is said to soothe those with asthma and dry skin


Herbal Tea – Very popular range of teas with blends of flowers, leaves, roots and other plant particles creating the perfect garden in a cup!


Pure Peppermint – A refreshing infusion of cool and calm peppermint, helping to calm the mind and aid digestion


Pure Rooibos – Naturally sweet with a slightly nutty flavour, caffeine free and rich in minerals


Chamomile – A pretty yellow floral bouquet which can be enhanced with lemon or honey.  This tea is also known to calm the nerves and promote sleep


Ginger Tea


Lemongrass and Ginger – Warm and spicy ginger combines with a touch of lemongrass – powerful herbs to aid digestion and enhance circulation


Ginger and Barley – A soft and mellow tea, this is perfect for after dining and may even help to relieve sore joints!


If you have time to spare try this – it really needs about 10-15 minutes to brew properly:

Roogenic – Native Happiness – A blend of Australian native bush plants including Lemon Myrtle, mint, passionflower, ginseng and mango.  These plants were traditionally used to help focus, ease an anxious mind and help with aches – just like a good friend! *Contains traces of St John’s Wort

Price: $7.00